Gary Keller @ Inman Connect San Francisco

Jeff Snader kicks it off talking about Gary Keller going at it with Brad Inman at Inman Connect San Francisco. There's a lot of big picture people out there making big picture predictions. What can agents and home owners do today to make sure they're getting the best deal while all of this disruption is taking place?

Internet Lender vs Conventional Lender

Jeff Snader chats with Sean Maloney of NFM Lending on the pitfalls of going the "easy route" by using an internet lender.

How many homes are you going to buy in your life? How much risk do you want to take when you buy your home?

Favorite Mark Twain Quote

One of my favorite quotes of all time that guides me every day. Also, an interesting story about my fireplace that shows this quote bites me in the rear still to this day.

You always have to challenge every aspect of your business. It's what you know for certain that could be holding you back the most.