Choosing the Right Pricing Strategy When Selling Your Home

Choosing the right strategy can be a complete game-changer when selling your home. It's often difficult because there's a fear of making the wrong choice or leaving money on the table (which are completely understandable). Jeff walks you through a scenario that shows it can be very beneficial to pick the right price (or even be a little low).

What is Radon? (and how bad is it?)

Every buyer needs to know what it means to detect and mitigate Radon in your new home. It's one of those things that, when undetected, could cause major health problems for you and your family.

Find out more in this video and even learn about the crazy story for Stanley Watras.

Marathon Parenting

To all my moms and dads out there I bring you the concept of "Marathon Parenting." Now many of you already do this and know this but it's truly been a game-changer for me when I became of aware of it. Sometimes the tougher decision now leads to an easier situation later.  

Enjoy and give me your thoughts and stories!