Rockstar Real Estate Update

Here is the #RealEstateRockstar Update. It's a seller's market out there and, while it does seem to be shifting, it is certainly not moving quickly.

Special "Rockstar" shout outs to:

- Sean Maloney is an incredible person to know if you're looking to buy a house and need to be pre-approved or just want to know what the lending process looks like.

- RF Bondurant Plumbing and Heating 

- Len Sciulli & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning

Beth Samberg - Top 10 Rules for Staging

Staging can be a crucial part of the process of attracting buyers and compelling them to make you an offer. Check out Beth's Top 10 List:

#1 - No more than 3 objects on any linear surface

#2 - Nothing smaller than a softball (No Chachkies)

#3 - Nothing with eyes

#4 - No lawn or floor candy

#5 - No deferred maintenance

#6 - No magnets on the fridge

#7 - Thin the closets

#8 - Mommy bin for showings

#9 - No toilet rugs or potty seat covers

#10 - No trash in the garbage cans

Talk Too Much

Sometimes, we just talk too much. There's a great rule for agents called the "70/30 rule". You need to make sure your prospect or client is talking 70% of the time and you're only talking 30% of the time. The more we listen the more we learn about our clients and the better we are able to serve them.

Great real agents all have one things in common: they ask great questions. Here's a few tips on how to ask better questions and zip your lips and listen.