Interview with Luna Ge - Rockstar Realtor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Luna Ge and hearing her journey through her first year in real estate. She's a total rockstar on social media, she's a model, her first cold call was a HUGE hit and she's incredibly driven.   Check out her story and see how you can become a rockstar if you follow the right system and believe in yourself.

Why Use a Real Estate Team?

You have choices when you're looking for an agent. Many home owners and home buyers out there don't realize that you can choose to use a real estate team to help you with your home buying experience.  

Why would you want to do that? Watch and see.  

If you're interested in finding out more about me and my real estate team (The Beth Samberg Team) you can shoot me an email at

The Four F's of an Apology

How important is it to you to get an apology when you know one is warranted? 

How important is it to give a proper apology? Have you ever even been taught how to apologize?  

It wasn't until a good friend and fellow Marine taught me about the "Four F's of an Apology" that I truly got it.  And now I pass it on to you.