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Jeff Snader puts on a weekly show that covers everything from living a life in the real state world, to running a business, raising a family, waking up every day focused on being the best he can and all the challenges that come with being a father, entrepreneur, coach and real estate man. He couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to share his experiences in the hopes he can just help one person achieve their dreams.

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Episode 12

Choosing the Right Pricing Strategy When Selling Your Home


Choosing the right strategy can be a complete game-changer when selling your home. It's often difficult because there's a fear of making the wrong choice or leaving money on the table (which are completely understandable). Jeff walks you through a scenario that shows it can be very beneficial to pick the right price (or even be a little low).


What is Radon? (and how bad is it?)


Every buyer needs to know what it means to detect and mitigate Radon in your new home. It's one of those things that, when undetected, could cause major health problems for you and your family.  

Find out more in this video and even learn about the crazy story for Stanley Watras.


Marathon Parenting


To all my moms and dads out there I bring you the concept of "Marathon Parenting." Now many of you already do this and know this but it's truly been a game-changer for me when I became of aware of it. Sometimes the tougher decision now leads to an easier situation later.  


Episode 11

New Tax Reassessment in Delaware County, PA (Delco)


Are you in Delco? Did you know that your property taxes are in the process of a reassessment? Find out more about whether this is going to be good or bad for you (meaning your taxes are either going UP or DOWN) and what is means if you're looking to buy or sell your home.


Zillow's Zestimate + Credit Karma = ?


There's so many services out there for home buyers and sellers now. Unfortunately, Zillow's Zestimates and Credit Karma probably aren't giving you the clearest picture. Check it out.  

(Special thanks to Ramsey Cory Alan Coulter and Sean Maloney for their insights on the world of real estate)


Car Attitude vs Walking Attitude


It has always fascinated me the difference between how we think, talk and act when we're in the car versus when we're walking down the street. It just may be time to let go of the "Car Attitude".


Episode 10

Rockstar Real Estate Update - Delaware County, PA


We're back with the Rockstar Real Estate Update focused on inventory, house prices and days on market in Delaware County.


Rubberband Search


Top agents have some very cool tools at their disposal. Check out the "Rubberband Search" and find out how we can really narrow down what you're looking at so it's focused on the house you want WHERE you want it.


Tip Up Front


The powerful concept of "Tipping Up Front"

Tag me and use the hashtag #tipupfront to let me know your stories!


Episode 8

Sean Maloney Interview - "Top 10 Don't's When Getting a Mortgage"


If you're looking to purchase a home then you MUST check out Sean Maloney's "Top 10 Don't's When Getting a Mortgage"   

Avoiding these 10 mistakes can be the difference between getting the home of your dreams and finding yourself in a quagmire of pity and despair (it's a little dramatic but I'm sticking with it).


Episode 7

Beth Samberg Interview - "Top 5 Reasons to Buy vs Rent"


Beth Samberg is back and this time she's got her "Top 5 Reasons to Buy vs Rent" along with a little surprise for Jeff.


The Spaghetti Recipe Theory


Are you a parent? Do you want your kids to grow up and be the best they can be? Do you want them to save them from the struggles you went through as a child?


Episode 6

Interview with Luna Ge - Rockstar Realtor


I had the pleasure of interviewing Luna Ge and hearing her journey through her first year in real estate. She's a total rockstar on social media, she's a model, her first cold call was a HUGE hit and she's incredibly driven.   Check out her story and see how you can become a rockstar if you follow the right system and believe in yourself.


Why Use a Real Estate Team?


You have choices when you're looking for an agent. Many home owners and home buyers out there don't realize that you can choose to use a real estate team to help you with your home buying experience.  

Why would you want to do that? Watch and see.  

If you're interested in finding out more about me and my real estate team (The Beth Samberg Team) you can shoot me an email at


The Four F's of an Apology


How important is it to you to get an apology when you know one is warranted? 

How important is it to give a proper apology? Have you ever even been taught how to apologize?  

It wasn't until a good friend and fellow Marine taught me about the "Four F's of an Apology" that I truly got it.  And now I pass it on to you.


Episode 5

Interview with Sean Maloney on Interest Rates


It's always a pleasure to have Sean Maloney of NFM Lending on the show. He's a total rockstar, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, he knows the market and how to navigate home buyers through the process so they get the best outcome possible when purchasing a home.  Today we talk about rates. It might shock you that the rate you're getting isn't the most important thing.


Best Joke Ever (and it changed my life)


Quite simply, it's my favorite joke ever, and, it changed my life.

How the heck can a joke change your life? Take a listen.


Episode 4

Interview with Greg DuPey of Pillar To Post


Home inspections are one of the most important aspects of your home buying experience. Greg DuPey shows you what you need to know about your home inspector.


Episode 3

Real Estate Rock Star Update


Hear Jeff's perspective on the real estate market and how the seller's market is shifting.


Beth Samberg - Top 10 Rules of Staging a Home


Ever wonder what the most important things are to do when it comes to staging a home? Beth Samberg gives you her top 10 list.


Episode 2

Beth Samberg Interview - "Why a Listing Agent is Important?"

Beth Samberg of the Beth Samberg Team

Learn from one of the best why it's so important to have a true listing agent when you are looking to sell your home.


Doctor vs Salesman


One of the biggest issues I've seen with realtors is that they feel as though they're being pushy or bothering people when they talk about their business.

What if they had the mindset of a Doctor?


Episode 1

Gary Keller @ Inman Connect

Jeff Snader

Jeff Snader kicks it off talking about Gary Keller going at it with Brad Inman at Inman Connect San Francisco. 

There's a lot of big picture people out there making big picture predictions. What can agents and home owners do today to make sure they're getting the best deal while all of this disruption is taking place?


Internet Lender vs Conventional Lender

Sean Maloney of NFM Lending

Jeff Snader and Sean Maloney of NFM Lending dive into the pitfalls of going the "easy route" of internet lending.


Favorite Mark Twain Quote

Jeff Sander

One of my favorite quotes of all time that guides me every day. Also, an interesting story about my fireplace that shows this quote bites me in the rear still to this day.

You always have to challenge every aspect of your business. It's what you know for certain that could be holding you back the most.


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